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Re-writing young people's future

since 1995.


Students of all abilities and backgrounds need every possible advantage to reach – and exceed – their goals in life, school, higher education, and careers. The world is becoming more fast-paced and everyone is expected to keep up.


With multiple distractions and stress in their lives, young people often miss out on opportunities to reach their goals and excel.


The Know. Whole-child development is our first consideration. Our mission is to support and strengthen students’ abilities with writing and improve social and emotional learning with the arts.  Educators and parents come to us to collaborate and ask us to design alternative pathways that enrich learning and meet and exceed the goals of a school Comprehensive Education Program. We challenge students to set personal goals and provide them with coaching, knowledge, and strategies to achieve their goals.   We emphasize process, structure and important values: integrity, merit, preparedness, and taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions. The result: self-reliant, confident students who write, create, and are powerful communicators.


Begun as a dynamic, independent creative writing initiative by top TV and Film Production Supervisor and Story Developer, Margaret B. Hunnewell. The Children’s Creative Writing Campaign, Inc. d.b.a. The Knowledge Project) formed a network of schools and families focused on creative writing across the U.S.A.  CCWC houses a Story Archive of more than 360,000 original children’s works

New York, 1997, our founding team helped coordinate the NYC Chancellor’s citywide K – 12 writing initiative, “In Our Own Write, a Celebration of Student Writing.” 110,000 teachers and their classes participated. Our approach to reading, writing, and media literacy was formed. We recruited and trained writing experts from different professions to coach students in intellectual inquiry and share the creative and moral balance strategies of their profession. In classrooms, over blocked periods, students had time to reflect on concepts, practice skills, develop positive traits including critical thinking and to look for value in others. 

The Know has evolved from one writing event a year to multiple writing programs across the curricula. For middle and high school students, we designed programs that connected activities to Career Education. Focused on a specific industry or discipline, each of the Works (Word Works, Food Works, Green Works, Media Works, World Works) offered opportunities for students to think, solve problems and learn best practices.

In 1993, we launched The Children’s Creative Writing Campaign (CCWC), an annual campaign to promote creative writing. Until 2014, we offered a nationwide network of schools the chance for children (pre-K to 8th Grade), to present their stories to an audience outside the classroom. Every young author who submitted their writing was acknowledged. Today, the CCWC houses a Story Archive of more than 360,000 of original artworks and writings.  

Now, in our 25th year, we are launching I Write NY, to challenge New York teens to show their thinking and unique voices through writing. Writing about a memorable moment or character in their lives or sharing an idea that can improve their community. Their stories are passports from The Know to writing groups of intellectual inquiry, and includes the possibility of being published or having a story adapted. Learning soft-skills in earnest is not time wasted.  We want youth to be recognized for their splendid minds and not for their careers. 

Young people in The Know develop greater confidence as they discover the virtues of knowledge, ethics and creative thinking. They see how the world of business, launching an idea or an initiative isn’t scary or just for the privileged. It’s an exciting, challenging world where they can question, learn from their mistakes, find value and strength in learning and get back on track.



The Know has developed a national creative writing initiative and a wide range of programs to enrich K – 12 academics. Integrated in all our programs is the C.O.R.E. approach: “Create, Organize, Read, Excel,” writing and communication training, mentoring, and work ethic.

I Write NY

Our new initiative is offering middle and high school students many opportunities to earn points as a Word Master, show their talents and be celebrated as writers, be published, and win awards of merit. They will qualify to be part of a small group of New York students selected each semester to be coached by a well-known writer and have the work published.

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The Children’s Creative Writing Campaign (CCWC )

The Children’s Creative Writing Campaign (CCWC), launched in 1993 and incorporated as a Federal 501(c)(3) in 1995, offers a nationwide network of schools an annual campaign that promotes creative writing and for student writers and artists (pre-k to 8th grade), an audience outside the classroom. Students submit original work annually for review by a volunteer reading committee of writers, publishers and story developers. Every young author who submits their writing is acknowledged. Those who write stories with high ranking scores receive local media acknowledgment and are invited to have their work published or adapted. The CCWC Story Archive houses more than 350,000 children’s creative writing and artwork.

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SUMMER 2020 Programs

Over a few weeks or days, learn the art and craft of first-person, real-life inquiry and interviewing.  Find history in great poetry, photographs and art.  Make your stories  with photographs, illustrations, comics and words.  Coaching by professional writers, photographers and artists.


Program 1: Intro to Essay Writing (Part 1)

“Personal and Subject Themes”, with author, writing coach and performer, David Tabatsky


Program 2: Intro to Essay Writing (Part 2)

“Long-form and College Prep”, with author, writing coach and performer, David Tabatsky

Program 3: A Journey Through Poetry
Writing Coach TBD

Program 4: Facts, Interviews and Stories, Making a podcast.
Writing Coach TBD

Program 5: Drawings for Portfolio
with Illustrator, Muralist and Comic Artist Caro Heisler

Program 6: Playing with Sequential Art: Comics with Illustrator, Muralist and Comic Artist Caro Heisler. Guest: Former Marvel Comic Editor, James C. Shooter


Program 7: Telling Stories With Photography with iconic art photographer and filmmaker, Sebastian Piras


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The Team in The Know

Margaret Hunnewell

Founder / Executive Director 

     Former journalist, story developer, producer and production supervisor of motion pictures, television, radio, theater and dance productions.  Member of the Directors Guild of America East, NY Women in Film, Theater and Television, NWBA and the Parents Club of West Point. Ms. Hunnewell is a graduate of Bennington College and the  Université de Grenoble, France.

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Sheila Lewis

Lead Trainer, Grant Writer and Content Developer

     Sheila Lewis is a longtime educator, curriculum developer, and author, who has taught students of all ages and trained teachers, mentors, and others in social-emotional learning, writing and literacy, creativity and the arts. Sheila holds an MA in Educational Media from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BFA from Boston University. Her training in the arts, yoga and mind-body modalities are foundational in her work, whether leading groups or empowering students to do their best. She coaches creative mentors and teachers to  integrate their knowledge and learning agility in their work with students.

Susi Tanu

Financial and Office Administrator

Susi Tanu has been working as the financial and office administrator for The Knowledge Project/The Know for 21 years. After coming from Indonesia in 1998, she joined  the organization in 1999. She received her BA in Accounting from Atma Jaya University. Her duties at the Know include maintaining accurate financial records, preparing financial reports for the CPA and the Board to review, fiscal budgeting for grants, and keeping all support paperwork current. Susi has a passion for assisting small business owners manage and grow their financial well-being and maintain organized systems. She has helped The Knowledge Project weather many storms  (literally, Hurricane Sandy) and changes in city administrations and the education landscape. She keeps us organized and the office (on site and virtual) running smoothly.

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Sadaf Padder

Program Director & Outreach Coordinator

     Sadaf Padder is a graduate of George Washington University (BA) and Johns Hopkins University School of Education (MAT). She spent eight years working in the Baltimore and Brooklyn school system before founding Alpha Arts Alliance, an art collective focused on accessibility and mentorship. She brings into The Know her passion for teaching and mentoring students and a commitment to bringing the arts to every child.

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Eric Boscia

Creative Director

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Jon Silveira

Communications and IT Manager

    Jonathan recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Latin American Studies, and a minor in Film and Media studies. He has a creative mind, producing much of the marketing graphic design and video content. He also provides IT support for coaches, students and staff to optimize the use of the online tools available. 

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Dana Abeln

Senior Social Media Manager

    Dana Abeln is a results-driven social media professional with a passion for publishing engaging content to notify parents and reach students interested in learning-to-learn from experienced professionals.

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