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Students of all abilities and backgrounds need every possible advantage to reach – and exceed – their goals in life, school, higher education, and careers. The world is more fast-paced and everyone is expected to keep up.


With multiple distractions and stress in their lives, young people often miss out on chances to experience and learn new things, reach their goals and excel.


The Knowledge Project, “TKP.” Educators and parents have come to us to collaborate on alternative strategies that meet and exceed a School Education Plan and the Standards. We challenge students to set personal goals and provide them with the coaching, knowledge, and strategies to achieve each benchmark.   We emphasize process, structure and character. The result: self-reliant  students who envision, write and communicate well.


The Knowledge Project grew out of the national Children’s Creative Writing Campaign (CCWC), an annual initiative started in 1993 by Margaret Hunnewell.  She founded the CCWC in 1993 because she loved to read, produce stories, and wanted more time to learn with her young son. Through the CCWC, she led other parents, strategic partners, and sponsors to motivate children to use  their imaginations and write. 


While juggling two jobs, Ms. Hunnewell tapped great mentors to guide her in this endeavor - Richard Sterling of The Writing Project, Nancy Shapiro, former Executive Director of Teachers & Writers Collaborative, and Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America. The meld of their ingenuity and expertise with her values shaped purpose, programs, and approach in setting a new course for student achievement. The CCWC maintains a Story Archive of over 360,000 works of children’s art and writing.


CCWC grew nationally and in 1996, Ms. Hunnewell was invited by the NYC Department of Education Chancellor’s Office to produce a citywide K - 12 writing initiative. She and her team created a teaching resource publication, In Our Own Write, of best writing practices and student writing. She produced events in every borough with celebrities like RUN DMC who read or performed writing from the publication. Some 110,000 teachers and students participated in this initiative.

CCWC became known to school administrators as literacy and media experts who integrated writing, media, and IT across the curriculum through a hands-on and Renzulli applied learning approach. Ms. Hunnewell became an expert navigating the NYC education system for her son and on behalf of many students. “Playing to a student’s strengths works,” is her cogent motto. 

[Note: Her son earned honors in math and languages in public middle school, demonstrated leadership in high school and again at West Point. Now he uses all of his natural and learned assets in his work as an engineer].   

Colleagues, writers, educators, award-winning authors, notable artists and business people continue to bring their knowledge and talent to each expansion of the CCWC. Through every educational transition, CCWC, and later on, The Knowledge Project, have maintained a forward-thinking vision in its coaching practice and curricula for K – 12 students.  Overseeing content and course outlines is our wise program and content developer, lead writing coach, and children’s book writer, Sheila Lewis.  Worldly insights and actionables have been offered by colleagues like Alan D. Cohen, Global Education Strategist, Futurist; Eric Boscia, Creative Director; Copywriter, the late Sue Trott; Shakespeare specialist and director, Jose Esquea; Alistair Martin-Smith, former Director, NYU Steinhardt School of Theatre Education; Scientist-Writer, David McMullen; writing coach, Cindy Beer-Fouhy; and Clifford Cohen, founder, AnimAction USA. 

The Knowledge Project created the I Write NY initiative in response to decreasing levels of literacy of  high school students across the USA; it is designed to boost skills in writing and advance communication. The overall objective (in response to recent Covid-19 restrictions) is to maintain a good sense of normalcy and resiliency of spirit. 


We envision enriching student learning with engaging, in-person and virtual courses. Our goal is to cultivate each student’s strength and creative potential. 

Our mission is to guide the next generation of writers, artists, and communicators to express their vision knowledgeably and with discernment.


TKP developed out of a national creative writing initiative, Children’s Creative Writing Campaign and a wide range of programs designed to enrich K – 12 academics in New York schools through writing, communication and the arts. Integrated in all our programs are S.M.A.R.T goals. 

Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-Bound.

I Write NY

Our new initiative is offering middle and high school students many opportunities to earn points as a Word Master, show their talents and be published, and win awards of merit. Awardees qualify to be part of a small group of New York students selected each semester to be coached by a well-known writer and have the work published.

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The Children’s Creative Writing Campaign (CCWC)

The Children’s Creative Writing Campaign (CCWC), launched in 1993 and incorporated as a Federal 501(c)(3) in 1995, offers a nationwide network of schools an annual campaign that promotes creative writing for student writers and artists (pre-k to 8th grade), and an audience outside the classroom. Students submit original work annually for review by a volunteer reading committee of writers, publishers and story developers. Every young author who submits their writing is acknowledged. Those who write stories with high ranking scores receive local media acknowledgment and are invited to have their work published or adapted. The CCWC Story Archive houses more than 360,000 children’s creative writing and artwork.

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Winter 2021 Programs

Writing Television Comedy

with playwright and television spec script writer, Sarah Congress. Tuesdays and Saturdays from January 12 - February 13

Write from Experience

with novelist, editor and Exec Editor and Coach of Teens Mind zine Lisa A. Chambers. Wednesdays and Fridays from January 13 - February 12

Creative Writing

with author, writing coach and performer, David Tabatsky. Tuesdays from January 12 - February 9

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The Team in The Know

Margaret Hunnewell

Founder / Executive Director 

Former journalist, story developer, producer and production supervisor of motion pictures, television, radio, theater and dance productions.  Member of the Directors Guild of America East, NY Women in Film, Theater and Television, Women’s National Book Association and the Parents Club of West Point. Ms. Hunnewell is a graduate of Bennington College and the  Université de Grenoble, France. Committed to elevating knowledge and learning through literacy, writing, media and the arts, she founded the CCWC initiative in the early 90s and The Knowledge Project in 2000.

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Sheila Lewis

Lead Trainer, Grant Writer and Content Developer

     Educator, author, curriculum writer, editor and tutor who has taught writing, creative arts, and social-emotional learning. Ms. Lewis  is a graduate of Boston University School of the Arts and Teachers College, Columbia University. She trains coaches and teachers to  integrate their knowledge and creativity into their work with students, and has worked on content and program initiatives for The Knowledge Project since 1998. 

Susi Tanu

Financial and Office Administrator

Financial and office administrator since coming from Indonesia in 1998, Ms. Tanu joined the organization in 1999. She received her BA in Accounting from Atma Jaya University. She maintains the financial records, prepares reports for the Board to review, and oversees fiscal budgeting for grants. She has weathered many storms  (literally, Hurricane Sandy) and changes in city administrations and continues to keep the office (on-site and virtual) running smoothly.

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Sadaf Padder

Program Director & Outreach Coordinator

Graduate of George Washington University (BA) and Johns Hopkins University School of Education (MAT), Ms. Padder has spent eight years working in the Baltimore and Brooklyn school systems before founding Alpha Arts Alliance, an art collective focused on accessibility and mentorship. She shares her passion for teaching and mentoring students and a commitment to bringing the arts  to every child to The Knowledge Project, since jumping on board in Fall, 2020.

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Eric Boscia

Creative Director

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Jonathan Silveira

Communications and IT Manager

Graduate from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Latin American Studies and a minor in Film and Media studies, Mr. Silveira possesses both the creative mind and technical know-how to provide IT support for coaches, students, and staff to optimize the use of the online tools available, and joined the grateful team in 2020.

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Dana Abeln

Senior Social Media Manager

 Dana Abeln is a results-driven social media professional with a passion for publishing engaging content to notify parents and reach students interested in learning from experienced professionals.

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