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Scholarship Fund for The Knowledge Project

In a year when so much is uncertain, the arts and literacy are more important than ever. Join and support The Knowledge Project as it continues its 20+ year  commitment to advancing the next generation through its writing and multi-disciplinary arts programs.


Your support will provide a high school student with academic resources and dynamic, creative outlets. Our youth deserve the enrichment, one to one direction, and small group instruction our accomplished artist-mentors provide.


Our fall courses begin November 10th and meet current arts and writing standards.


Donations of any amount are encouraged, as they will also cover materials for classes such as notebooks, art supplies and keyboards.

Your support can sponsor an underserved youth with a practical, inspiring, creative experience.  

$50 - One class or Special Art Materials pkg shipped to student

$100 - Two classes or a Keyboard shipped to student

$400 - Any course at Fall Introductory Price

$1,000 - Patron: named in all course and Masterclass materials

During COVID, The Know offers our virtual programs to students living in the tri-state region and in Eastern Standard Time (ET) from Maine to Florida. 


The Knowledge Project is a federal 501 (c)(3), not for profit. All donations are tax-deductible.

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