Every young author who submits their writing is acknowledged

Children’s Creative Writing Campaign (“CCWC” Since 1993)

The CCWC launched in 1993 and incorporated as a Federal 501(c) 3 in 1995, offers a nationwide network of schools and communities an annual campaign that promotes creative writing, acknowledges all student writers and artists who submit (pre-k to 8th grade), and provides an audience outside the classroom of writers, publishers and story developers.

Students submit original work annually for review by a volunteer Reading Committee. Every young author submitting their writing is acknowledged. Those who write stories with high ranking scores receive local media acknowledgment and are invited to have their work published or adapted.  

The Story Archive houses more than 350,000 pieces of creative writing and artwork.


Writing Challenge


2021 NOW OPEN!

Online: Register each story and submit it individually. Submit story.

By mail: Attach Submission Information on a separate sheet to each work. 
All mailed submissions must be postmarked no later than the deadline date of May 14.


Children's Creative Writing Campaign, Inc.

PO Box 102

New York, NY 10272


Original                    Imaginative                    Legible



Handwritten work is preferred (but not required).  Scan a draft or story synopsis and submit with the final. Handwriting provides another dimension of expression.

All accompanying original artwork is welcome.

Pre-K and Kindergarten participants are permitted to dictate their stories to adults, but any adult editing or re-wording is strongly discouraged. Please copy the child's story idea word for word.

Children may submit more than one writing piece.



Write a story about NATURE.

Here are some ideas or come up with your own:

  • Nature I See: Write about what you see outside, like trees, flowers, birds and animals. 

  • Nature I Don’t See: Write about what’s underground or too far away to see.  

  • Desert, Mountain, Ocean: If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? Why?

  • Natural Disasters: Write about one and its effects.

  • City vs. Country: Take photos of or draw a scene in nature. Add text or captions. 

  • Food and Nature: Send us recipes, photos, or pictures with stories. Get ideas from local gardens or green markets. 


Every day is Earth Day.  



The Volunteer Reading Committee may select Writing of Special Merit. Young authors with the writing of special merit receive an award of $100.00, while their school receives a donation from CCWC to the school library in the student author’s name. The students and their school will also receive media recognition. CCWC reserves the right to publish any Writings of Merit it deems to promote the campaign.