Open your student's mind with TKP Coaches, writing and artistic expertise and critical thinking strategies

Expand your creativity and access a professional experience with our top-tier Writing and Artist Coaches in these courses! Learn to write your own sitcom or college essay, compose a global music composition, create an art portfolio or monologue, design your own start-up, or save the environment. All you need is your imagination, access to a smartphone, tablet/computer & WiFi. These 5-week courses are for small groups of 6 - 12 students.  

Coach Bios and Introductions

Starting March 30

Voice Acting for Teens

with Adriana Davis, a Voice Actor, Coach & Director.

Imitating those voices you hear on TV commercials, animations, and video games? It's even more fun when you're getting paid! Join others in her fun, 10 session voice acting course designed just for teens. Plan a demo reel with a coach who hires voice actors and is a voice actor herself.  Through expert instruction and direction, you’ll experience how to get the most out of your natural voice.

The course runs for 5 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6 pm EST. Rolling open admission; single sessions available upon request. 

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Starting April 15

How to Make a Movie in 24 Hours

with José Esquea 
The course runs for 5 weeks, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Starts Thur, April 22, and ends Sat, May 22.

Screening Showcase Event: Early June

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Stand-up Comedy

with Carlos Garcia, stand-up Comedian and Actor.

In this course, you will get to know the comedy business, the art of making jokes, and playing with an audience to make them laugh. With Carlos's guidance, students will build a short stand-up set and have the opportunity to perform said set on a TKP Virtual Open Mic.
The course runs for 5 weeks, Saturday and Wednesday.
Starts Sat, April 17, and ends Wed, May 19 with an open mic. 

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On-going: Creative Writing

with author, writer, and editor, David Tabatsky. As a follow-up to his Masterclass, David guides students in cultivating each student’s voice, experience, and communication abilities to drive their storytelling. Available on an on-going basis. 

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Learn How to Start and Complete Personal Essays for High School and College Applications. Self-expression through one-on-one tutoring with Creative Writing coach, David Tabatsky: author, editor, and former writing instructor at The Cooper Union. (

Scheduled group classes for "Creative Writing"

Explore the process of effective storytelling, using each student's personal voice, experience, and communication skills.

Available on an on-going basis. 

1:1 Tutoring

Make your own advanced group classes for "Creative Writing." 
Explore the process of effective storytelling and essay writing using each student's personal voice, experience, and communication skills.

Available on an on-going basis. 

Contact: or call "M" Hunnewell at 917-364-8813 between 8a - 10a and 4p-6p weekdays.

Cost: $75 per student per class.

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