A positive writing experience for children and teens.

I WRITE & GO! inspires children and motivates teens to write from their experience, promotes authors, and the craft of writing.

I Write & GO! is designed to capture kids' imagination, motivate them to write, create something, and share it.

I Write & GO!  offers young people (6-12) or (13-18) a range of writing opportunities. From a unique, in-person experience with an author, or a customized series of 90-minute, small group sessions (in person or virtual) with specific goals and activities. These include reflections on their times and where they come from, so young writers can place themselves in the present and as part of history.

Guided by one or more writers/teaching artists, young writers can choose to write in any media – poetry, fantasy, horror, mystery, journalism, comics, a short play, fiction, comedy or media scripts, and more. They collaborate with the writing/teaching artist, pick a category, and let their ideas flow in writing. (Younger children will be assisted in telling their story, with help to write it down).

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Animated reading. Story by Chetan Chauhuan, 2nd Grader