Writing TV Comedy for Young Adults and Older

Writing TV Comedy for Young Adults and Older

Course for Young Adults and older.


A comedy writing course with award-winning playwright and comedic writer, Sarah J. Congress

Over 5 weeks (10 sessions), you will view clips and be given a lot of prompts to unmask your comedic edge. You will have access to Sarah and guest speakers who will pop in to answer your questions. The great thing about the course is that at the end, you will have a completed script.  And, there will be a showcase of the scripts produced by TKP and brought to life by a director and actors for an online audience.

Limited seats.

  • Program Details

    INSTRUCTOR: Sarah Congress

    Virtual 5 Week Course

    February 28 to March 30, 2022

    Every Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    Queries? iwrite@theknowledgeproject.org or leave a message at 212.346.9933

  • Coach Biography

    Sarah J. Congress writes comedic scripts for television and theater.  She originally went into playwriting thinking it had to be serious.  Instead, she learned and believes "writing can be fun", and that "Anyone can write a short 10-minute comedy play."  Look at her recent track record before and even during the pandemic of all her short plays that have been picked up, adapted and performed.  She's delighted to be back with TKP coaching teens to write short plays.