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Storytelling: The Craft of Voice Acting

with Adriana Davis
Half-Hour to 45-minute Workshop
with Voice Acting Coach Adriana Davis



DATE: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 (also open to March 10 or mutually agreeable date)
TIME: 6:00 pm EST

Once you sign up I will email you several pieces of fun commercial or animation/video game copy. Choose one and practice a bit on your own. No need to record the commercial prior to the workshop. We will work live during the session and I will direct you to create different emotional approaches and characters! Later we will post just the audio from your performance on Instagram to show that voice acting is storytelling like the stories people post on Instagram. And we'll provide you with an audio file of your performances from that evening!


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One day, at the Great Neck Public Access Channel, the voice talent didn’t show up to record a commercial. Adriana Davis was a producer at the station when the Program Director asked her to voice the commercial. He said, “Your voice makes me smile.” So, she did which began her career in voice acting and coaching aspiring voice actors. 


Adriana Davis began work in television, film and radio as a producer, writer, editor and voice actor. Her credits include productions for MTV, A&E, History Channel, NBC News, PBS and Animal Planet. 


She founded D-Squared Media, a New York City production company to produce and voice independent films, corporate videos, radio and internet programming. Her films range from the romantic comedy “PLAY IT BY EAR” starring Academy Award® winner Rita Moreno to the children’s music video “Monkey Bars” and the WNEW-FM radio series “Courageous Radio.” 


Ms. Davis is also the proud co-director, editor and writer of an acclaimed documentary series about Iraq’s Jewish community that has screened at festivals and on television worldwide. In addition, her timely documentary “WHAT’S FOR LUNCH” profiles the struggling NY City school lunch program serving over 800,000 meals a day.

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from former students

Jeff Friedman, Voice Actor, Pennsylvania

“When I first began my voiceover journey several years ago, there was so much I wanted (and needed) to learn!  What are casting directors looking for?  How do I develop a conversational delivery style?  How can I bring genuine emotion to my reads, and so much more!  I knew I couldn’t obtain this kind of information on my own – and that I would need the help of a great coach.  I certainly found that and more with Adriana Davis!  In addition to Adriana’s experience as a voiceover coach, she is also a successful director, producer, and a voice talent herself!  From the very first day I began working with her, I knew I had hit the VO coach jackpot!"

Listen to his testimonial

John Foran, Voice Actor, Connecticut

"Adriana Davis has been and continues to be many things to me – a coach, mentor, client, advocate – and a supreme voiceover talent! Adriana’s creativity, thoughtfulness and professionalism permeate all of her creative endeavors."

Kim Johnson, Voice Actor, Chicago

“I want to take a moment to let you know how much I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and how much I appreciate you being part of this critical aspect of my voice acting journey. You are witty, insightful and hilarious. Most of all, you are so encouraging!”

David Wandelt, Voice Actor, New Jersey

"Adriana worked with me for the full course, five one-hour sessions, to develop my demos. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!"

Michelle Nodiff, Voice Actor, New York City

“Whether you are just becoming interested in the world of voiceover, or a seasoned voiceover artist, look no further than working with Adriana as your coach.  I had the privilege of receiving private coaching sessions with Adriana and it was some of the most creative, fun and challenging experiences I can remember.  She will put you at ease and build your confidence, while guiding you towards being the best, authentic you in any voiceover niche.  You’ll thank me later!”

David Brower, Voice Actor, Florida

"No one is better than Adriana, especially when it comes to Corporate Narration demos!"

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