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Put Yourself in the Photograph

with Shane Drummond
Free Masterclass, Monday, November 15th, 7:00 – 8:00 pm (EST) "Put Yourself in the Picture" with professional photographer, Shane Drummond.  For teens and adults.

Have you ever worried your photographs don't tell the story as you see it? Nothing should stop you from the joy of taking photographs. 


In his masterclass, PUT YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE, Shane Drummond will share a few stories and suggest ways to simplify your approach to gear, light and composition.  Have your smartphone ready to take and repurpose the popular "selfie."   After the class email your shots to Shane to review.  Images will be posted  on the TKP's "In the Picture"  gallery 24 hours after the session. 

Photography enthusiasts of all ages from beginner to expert who love to tell stories with photography should take this masterclass. 


Shane Drummond is a professional fashion, people and portrait photographer. His creative energy is fueled by an authentic appreciation of the moment and his ability to capture its uniqueness. With natural enthusiasm, he engages people, the subjects of his lens. Throughout his life, Shane has followed his interests, allowing him to be analytical and creative at the same time. A chance meeting, and advice from a professional photographer, focused his interest in the art. Later, as a photographic editor for some of New York's best photographers' work, he saw what skills he needed to acquire, refining his own approach to photography. Shane's artistic ability and intuitive nature make his subjects feel at ease in every session and bring him  clients such as Arts Basel, Bulgari, Instagram, Nike and SONY as well as creative agents and individuals.



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