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How I Survived 2020 Challenge

Here at The Knowledge Project, our #1 goal is to help students reach their goals, even when times are tough, like now. So we’re offering all students who wish to excel a chance to do so, just in time for our 2021 courses!



We want to hear what you’ve done to survive this year. Was it music? Friends and family? Your dog or cat (or both)? Whatever got you through, let us know. To enter, all you have to do is get your story down on paper, submit it, and give us a shout out via social media. We’ll choose the best of the bunch, and the winning student gets a full ride for one of the upcoming Knowledge Project programs of their choosing.


We’re accepting all forms of writing styles, so if poetry is what moves you, send us your best prose. Or if you want to turn your year into a semi-fictional story with a totally different cast of characters, then submit your truly gripping tale. Song lyrics, scripts, essays, you name it. Write it down and send it in.


See below for exactly what you need to do to enter.


  1. Make sure you’re following The Knowledge Project on Instagram @theknow.project.

  2. Write about how you survived 2020 using whatever writing style you’d like.

  3. Send your submissions to [XXXXX]

  4. Head on over to your Instagram and post the image below on your IG stories or feed and tag us.

  5. Make sure we confirm via DM that we saw your IG stories post, because once we do, that’s your confirmation of official entry into our writing challenge.




We’ve got one more way for you to get the most out of The Knowledge Project. We’re giving [FOUR] lucky students ONE (1) free one-on-one session with any of our amazing coaches – your choice here too! All you have to do is like our Instagram page, like our original post for the Writing Challenge, and tag a friend. Each separate friend you tag is a chance to win, so be sure to tag all your friends (and classmates, and family, and your dog...we know they’ve got IG, admit it). And that’s it!


We look forward to seeing how you survived this disaster of a year (and maybe grab some tips for ourselves), so get writing, get submitting, and we’ll see you next year!


Please fill out the form below. Parent or Guardian signature authorization is required if the Writer is under 18 years of age.

Upload files as directed in the form.

Writer submission form
Upload your story

Acceptable formats include PDF, doc, docx, jpeg, png

You can submit a handwritten draft, final story, and up to two artwork files.

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

*By uploading these files, applicant agrees that all the work is original and applicant did not have help creating it.


I understand that if my work is selected, my work can be published by The Knowledge Project according to the I Write NY Guidelines.

Parents/Guardian: I understand that by participating in the I Write NY, the child's work may be used by The Knowledge Project to promote excellence in writing and the I Write NY inactive in accordance with the I Write NY guidelines. I agree, and give my authorization for my child to participate in I Write NY Initiative.

Thanks for submitting!

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