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Our FREE Masterclasses are open to all teenagers and adults in the EST time-zone.

October 26 - 29 & November 2


Five,  one-hour Masterclasses offer a taste of upcoming courses in a range of literary and artistic disciplines. Led by The Knowledge Project’s dynamic coaches, Masterclasses are open to teenagers and adults. Fall 5-week courses start in November.


The Knowledge Project elevates thinking, writing, creativity and character.  We inspire kids and teens to learn facts and skills through experience or education.  We motivate them to use writing, knowledge and the arts to envision, command and create.


​In The Know, small groups of students receive course fieldwork and instruction virtually, and in-person from coaches and mentors trained by our team in our "can do" approach. Leadership traits, self-reliance, critical thinking, values, and skill sets are honed in a thriving, creative thinking environment. 

I WRITE NY exists to cultivate the next generation of writers, journalists, and communicators, while raising the bar for our students.  Writers and artists share professional strategies and guide students to master transferable soft skills and apply them in fields of real-world interest.

I Write NY aims to cultivate dynamic communities of motivated, emerging young writers and artists. Using our 20+ year, expanding network of writers, artists and strategic partners, participants are connected to coaches and mentors by our team and encouraged to apply for apprenticeships where their knowhow and talent can be refined, exhibited, and published. The outcome: a treasure trove of exceptional work by youth.

Announcing: I WRITE & GO

Free meet-the-author event.
A positive writing experience for teens.


Fall Programs

Remote Writing & Media  for Middle & High School Students.

I Write NY Challenge

New York Story writing challenge for Middle & High School Students.

CCWC Challenge

Wonder Years, K-8th Grade

But writing is about discovering that anything is possible, about rediscovering what can beinvented, reinvented and redefined in how we see the world around us. The Know has that spirit in its many programs which pair its mentors, professional writers, with young students in public schools to work on their writing.

-Crystal Skillman, Playwright

I wanted to write and let you know how grateful I am that there is a program such as yours. We have always encouraged our children to use their imaginations and creativity and I think it is wonderful that there are organizations who formally recognize a child’s creative writing ability.

-B. Pooley, Parent, Cedar Rapids, IA


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Your gift bridges the gap in learning and literacy across all communities served. We go beyond schooling, offering skills training and connecting students to the professional world. Since 1995, The Know builds student confidence and competence through its outreach, mentoring, and programs. Support its legacy and touch the lives of eager students whose talents might otherwise go unrecognized.

Work with us

Participate in the I Write NY mission to cultivate the next generation of effective writers and emerging artists, responsible journalists, and mindful communicators. Tell The Know team how you and corporate volunteers can help support our mission with a strategic partnership.  Use your employees’ knowledge and experience to mentor kids in a project that introduces students to your field. 

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