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Be who you are.

Do more.

Connect with others.

Tell your story in all media.

Coming soon.

Expand creativity and critical thinking strategies. Sign up to access a professional experience with our top-tier Writing, Media and Artist Coaches in these courses!

I Write & GO! is designed to capture kids' imagination, motivate them to write, create something, and share it.

Our MASTERCLASSES are open to all teenagers and adults and run on Mondays.
Coming soon.

Our one-hour virtual Masterclasses introduce knowledgeable instructors from a range of fields and cultures.  They present their business, art, or craft and make clear the skill sets required to stand out and advance.


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5-week Courses

Remote courses in Writing, Media, and  Performing. Coming Soon.


Teens Mind Zine

Read the inaugural issue filled with original poetry and stories.


CCWC Challenge

2023 Coming Soon.

But writing is about discovering that anything is possible, about rediscovering what can beinvented, reinvented and redefined in how we see the world around us. The Know has that spirit in its many programs which pair its mentors, professional writers, with young students in public schools to work on their writing.

-Crystal Skillman, Playwright


I wanted to write and let you know how grateful I am that there is a program such as yours. We have always encouraged our children to use their imaginations and creativity and I think it is wonderful that there are organizations who formally recognize a child’s creative writing ability.

-B. Pooley, Parent, Cedar Rapids, IA


Donate to us

Your donations bridge the gap in learning and literacy across all communities served. We offer apprenticeship-type training, skill set practice and connections into the professional world. TKP students are in demand because of their character, knowledge and work ethic.. Since 1995, TKP builds student confidence and competence because we develop their strengths with, mentoring, and programs. Support its legacy and touch the lives of eager students whose talents might otherwise go unrecognized.

Work with us

Writers, artists, field specialists and entrepreneurs come to us to lead a project and develop a course with groups of young people. Engage in cultivating the next generation of effective writers, emerging artists, responsible journalists, and mindful communicators. Support our mission with a strategic partnership.  Use your employees’ knowledge and experience to mentor kids in a project and uncover new potential and advance thinking.

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