Voice Acting for Teens

Voice Acting for Teens


Imitating those voices you hear on TV commercials, animations and video games?It's even more fun when you're getting paid!


Join Adriana Davis, Voice Actor, Coach & Director for a five-week course designed just for teens looking to use their voice for profit in the animation and video game markets. Through expert instruction you'll experience how to get the most out of your natural voice with expert direction. 
Learn how to add emotional subtly to your performances that motivate the listener into action. You'll expand your vocal range as Adriana guides you through scripts that will eventually make-up your demo reel, the essential tool to get hired in the professional voice acting world. 
Join us for 10 fun improvisational voice acting sessions taught by a professional who regularly hires voice actors and is a voice actor herself. Try on lots of characters, refine your talent, get hired as a voice actor on the next big video game, animated movie or commercial!


Week 1: Knowing and Loving Your Voice

Week 2: It’s a Conversation: Surprise!

Week 3: Owning the Words: Making the Copy Come Alive

Week 4: Character Voices for Animation & Gaming

Week 5: Directing Yourself Voicing Your Own Commercial


Rolling open admission; single sessions available upon request. The class starts at 4:30 PM EST. 


    INSTRUCTOR: Adriana Davis

    DATES AND TIMES: 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) for 5 weeks from 4:30-6 pm.
    START DATES: Rolling admission

    Single sessions available upon request. 

    CONTACT: info@theknowledgeproject.org or call (212) 346-9933

    Access to a computer, headphones and internet. All assignments can be accomplished with a smart phone.


    One day, at the Great Neck Public Access Channel, the voice talent didn’t show up to record a commercial. Adriana Davis was a producer at the station when the Program Director asked her to voice the commercial. He said, “Your voice makes me smile.” So, she did which began her career in voice acting and coaching aspiring voice actors.

    Adriana Davis began work in television, film and radio as a producer, writer, editor and voice actor. Her credits include productions for MTV, A&E, History Channel, NBC News, PBS and Animal Planet.

    She founded D-Squared Media, a New York City production company to produce and voice independent films, corporate videos, radio and internet programming. Her films range from the romantic comedy “PLAY IT BY EAR” starring Academy Award® winner Rita Moreno to the children’s music video “Monkey Bars” and the WNEW-FM radio series “Courageous Radio.”

    Ms. Davis is also the proud co-director, editor and writer of an acclaimed documentary series about Iraq’s Jewish community that have screened at festivals and on television worldwide. In addition, her timely documentary “WHAT’S FOR LUNCH” profiles the struggling NY City school lunch program serving over 800,000 meals a day.

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