The Dramatic Monologue: Learning, Writing & Performance

Inform and arm yourself with the fundamentals of strong dramatic writing to learn, write and perform your own monologues!


Students will gain agility and become comfortable with the writing and performance of dramatic monologues. The guiding philosophy is that to do your most dynamic performing, knowledge is truly power.  Armed with greater self-awareness and understanding, as well as the tools for good dramatic writing,  students take informed steps to create material that they can truly own. Material that empowers them to share from their core and truly connect with audiences. Monologues will be written, published, or performed. 

The Dramatic Monologue: Learning, Writing & Performance

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  • Instructor: Brittany-Laurelle

    Course Times:  Tuesdays 4 PM - 6 PM & Saturday 11 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Tuesday, November 10th - Saturday, December 19th

    Contact: or call 917-710-0050

    Access to the Internet, a computer and headset or smartphone required.
    All assignments can be accomplished with a smart phone.

    Required Materials: Notebook, Pencils/Pen


  • Brittany-Laurelle is an Actress, Storyteller and Theater Creator from Harlem, NY. She has appeared in commercials, indie films and onstage in plays, musicals and multi-disciplinary pieces. Her Theatrical training at La Guardia High School for Performing Arts, Adelphi University and UCB provided safe spaces to fine tune the art of storytelling. As an artist, Brittany-Laurelle creates space for vulnerability and connection through dynamic performance.


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