Art Movements: Modern Art through the African American Lens

Travel through time to reposition the racial lens and experience the colorful vibrancy of modern art movements across the globe from the 1860s to present, practicing research methods and creating your own response to a selected art style.


Students will learn to research and identify forms of visual arts from many cultures, eras, and locations. They will analyze and apply specific styles for each movement as they create their own versions of art in different mediums: painting, collage, drawing, etc.  Primarily based on art standards, this class will also include interpretation, reflection and writing, and a final project or exhibit. 

During COVID, we are arranging for a basic art package for students as needed. If your student needs one, please email The Know and register by September 23. For immediate inquiries contact Meg Hunnewell at 917-710-0050.

Art Movements: Modern Art through the African American Lens

$500.00 Regular Price
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  • Instructor: Virginie Bonhomme

    Course Times: Thursdays 5 PM - 7 PM and Saturdays 10 AM - 12 PM Eastern Standard Time

    Thursday, November 12th - Saturday, December 19th

    Contact: or call 917-710-0050

    Access to the Internet, a computer and headset or smartphone required.
    All assignments can be accomplished with a smartphone.

    Materials Included.

  • Virginie Bonhomme is a Haitian American multidisciplinary artist whose works range from painting, photography, music production as well as a self-published author. Her work is deeply rooted in self-exploration, family, and community. Self-taught, Virginie painted her first collection entitled Duende, then later grew the collection into a self-published book, Duende. Duende is a 3D art book. Virginie’s love for the arts encouraged her to travel abroad to study master painters. Virginie also teaches Art History to children to encourage creative confidence and knowledge of various artists.

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